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National Standards for Volunteer Involvement Tool

An easy-to-use online self-assessment tool to work towards meeting the new National Standards for Volunteer Involvement. The tool measures your organisation's performance with volunteer involvement and helps achieve best practice, ultimately improving the organisation's ability to attract and retain volunteers.

  • Assess your organisation’s performance against the Standards.
  • Identify actions required to achieve compliance with the Standards.
  • Automatically generated action plan for good practice.
  • Great workflow management tools — add staff/team members as users, assign them actions and set-up weekly action reminders.
  • A number of resources to help run your organisation.

The tool is available at the flat rate of $350 (plus 10% GST) for a one-year subscription.

Work with multiple standards? You can view your progress against other sets of standards common to community services and health providers. To upgrade to full access to these standards, contact BNG NGO Services Online: or (02) 9569 1704.

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